Disney’s Pop Century


This is one of the newer of Disney’s Value Resorts, opening in 2003. It is based in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios area of Walt Disney World, meaning that DHS is the closest park.


The theming with this resort is ‘pop culture’ featuring different decades with iconic images. The buildings in each of the 5 different areas of the resort are based on the 1950′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s. The 50′s have a juke box and sees Lady and The Tramp figures. The 60′s feature tie-dye, ‘Play-Doh Pete’ and Jungle Book characters, Balloo and Mowgli. The 70′s has a tricycle, Table Football players and eight-tracks. The 80′s are represented with a giant Rubiks cube and Sony Walkman while the 90′s features a laptop and mobile phone.


  • Comfortable rooms at 260 square feet – 2,280
  • Option of two double beds or one king size.
  • Only one sink in the bathroom area.
  • Sleep 4 (children or adults) with up to one additional child under 3 (sleeping in a pack-and-play crib).
  • There is no in-room fridge, but these can be hired at an extra charge (about $10 per night)
  • ‘Motel style’ with exterior corridors
  • High speed Internet access at a daily charge

Preferred Location

When you book, you can pay extra for a ‘preferred location’. These are located in the 60′s section, located closest to Classic Hall (and the bus stops).

Food and drink

  • Everything Pop offers counter-service meals, located in the main building (Classic Hall). Expect this to be busy at peak times – it only has 640 seats.
  • No traditional style restaurant
  • Pizza delivery to room


  • There are three pools: Bowling Pin,  Hippy Dippy and Computer.
  • There is also a kiddy pool.
  • Arcade
  • Playground


  • Approximately 20-25 minute bus ride to each park.
  • Unlike the All Star value resorts, Pop Century has its own bus route.
  • The bus stops are all in one location.