Disney’s All Star Movies


Adjacent to the other Disney’s All star Resorts, this is classed as being in the Animal Kingdom area of Walt Disney World, meaning that AK is your closest park, and Blizzard Beach will also be close by.


All Star Movies is, (yes I’ll state the obvious) based on Disney movies. Each building within the resort has a specific movie as a theme. These are Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians, The Mighty Ducks, Fanatasia and Herbie: The Love Bug.  Both the interior and exterior are decorated in line with this and you really can’t miss the 35 foot Woody or the 40 foot Pongo – among many other giant tributes to these films. and expect to see a lot of film reels around the place.


  • Comfortable rooms at 260 square feet – 1,920 of them
  • Option of two double beds or one king size.
  • Only one sink in the bathroom area.
  • Sleep 4 (children or adults) with up to one additional child under 3 (sleeping in a pack-and-play crib).
  • There is no in-room fridge, but these can be hired at an extra charge (about $10 per night)
  • ‘Motel style’ with exterior corridors
  • High speed Internet access at a daily charge

Preferred Location

When you book, you can pay extra for a ‘preferred location’. These are located in the three buildings located closest to Cinema Hall (and the bus stops); Toy Story, Fantasia and 101 Dalmatians.

Food and drink

  • A counter service food court – film-inspired, of course, located in the main building (Cinema Hall). Expect this to be busy at peak times.
  • No traditional style restaurant
  • Pizza delivery to room
  • The gift store also sells basic groceries and over the counter medicines.


  • The main pool is Fantasia, with Sorcerer Mickey, which also has a kiddy’s pool area.
  • The second pool is hockey rink shaped, featuring the Mighty Ducks.
  • Arcade
  • Playground


  • Approximately 20-25 minute bus ride to each park.
  • The All Star Resorts share a bus route. Usually, the buses will be dedicated to just one of the three resorts, but when really busy, or really quiet, the bus may stop at more than one Resort.
  • The bus stops are all in one location.