Sea World and Busch Gardens

Sea World is one of the World’s most popular marine theme parks and it features some incredible marine life, from the Shamu killer whale show, to dolphins and sharks. A one day adult ticket for this park is $82 – although that includes a second day ‘free’ (within 14 days).

In addition to the theme park is Aquatica; Sea World’s water park, which requires a separate entrance fee of $50 for an adult ticket. You can also book this with Sea World, for $125 on the gate for 14 days of unlimited use. You can also get 14 days unlimited admission to both of these parks for £77 here in the UK with the 2-park ticket.

Busch Gardens is owned by the same company. This is located in Tampa Bay and requires either a car or pre-booked transportation to get to – a taxi will be expensive! This theme park offers both thrill rides and access to exotic animals – in a similar way to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. An adult ticket for this park is $78, on the gate. You can also combine it with either Sea World or Aquatica and get 14 days admission for $135, or £80 if bought advance here in the UK.

Discovery Cove is a much smaller park with restricted visitor numbers and gives visitors access to dolphin and bird interactions, beaches and snorkeling, including 30 minutes swimming with dolphins. This is a one day visit but includes 14 days admission to one of Sea World, Aquatica or Busch Gardens. You book this experience for a specific date. Booked in the UK, it will cost you £151 per person, including the swim, or £93 without the swim. You can also upgrade to have 14 days unlimited admission to Sea World, Aquatica and Busch Gardens for £181 with the swim or £123 without it.

If you are considering spending time at Universal Orlando, in addition to the Sea World parks, you may also want to consider the FlexTicket.