Orlando FlexTicket

The Orlando FlexTicket is worth considering if you plan to visit the non-Disney attractions multiple times. It must be bought in advance here in the UK and costs £177 per adult. It includes 14 days unlimited admission to:

  • Universal Studios
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • Sea World
  • Aquatica
  • Wet n Wild

You can also upgrade to the FlexTicket Plus, which includes all of the above, plus Busch Gardens for £201.

If you want to have maximum flexibility on your holiday, then this ticket is definitely for you.

However many people buy it for flexibility and then only spend a couple of days at one or two of these parks and therefore have essentially bought tickets that they wouldn’t use. This is where planning out your days is really worth while. If you plan what days you would like to spend where and then work out if buying the tickets separately will work out cheaper for you, if you will only be spending a few days at these. Bare in mind that these tickets include both Aquatica and Wet n Wild. If you’re also buying the Disney Ultimate ticket, in total you have unlimited access to 4 different water parks. With so much else to do, you wont use it to its potential.

A common example of a 14 day holiday is 1 day each at the 4 Disney parks, 2 Disney Water Parks, 2 Universal Parks and Sea World – leaving only 5 days left for re-visiting some of your favourite parks. Assuming you were purchasing the Ultimate Disney Ticket and remembering that Sea World gives you a ‘free’ second day within 7 days of first use, it would work out cheaper for you to purchase the 2 park pass for Universal (£95), which gives you 14 days unlimited access and then buy the Sea World at the gate ($82), than purchasing the FlexTicket.