Buying tickets for Orlando Attractions

The best thing you can do when you’re deciding what tickets to buy is to plan your days ahead of time. I’m aware it sounds boring and you want to be flexible on holiday, but unless you know how many days you’re planning to spend at each park, you’re likely to buy tickets that you wont fully use. Orlando is a city that often feels like it was built soley for tourists – there are so many tourist attractions it is impossible to do them all. However, by far, the most popular attractions are:

You can buy each of these tickets individually at the gate or online. Depending on how many days you plan to spend at each – that can be the most economical way to purchase them (although bear in mind that you’ll be buying in dollars so the exchange rate can have an effect). For instance, being Disney fans, we typically visit only one non-Disney park – therefore it would be a waste of money to purchase multiple tickets that we won’t use for anything other than Walt Disney World.

As some of these parks are co-0wned there are savings to be made by buying those tickets together. And if you’re planning on spending a day at each of them you can purchase the Orlando FlexTicket that enable you to visit almost all of them.