Plane and Park Accessories

Stuff for the parks

I’ve highlighted some Disney themed lanyards here, which are great for carrying round your park tickets at the parks. You need easy access during the day to use them to get FastPasses and to pay for purchases if you have a Key to the World, if staying at a Disney hotel. I’ve also included the polyfile which are the perfect size and really useful for keeping these cards and tickets together and waterproof.

Keeping the kids entertained

You’ll have a fair bit of hanging around on your Disney holiday. Mainly on the long flight over and in the queues for the rides, although you can get lucky with these depending on the time of year that you trvael. Here are some ideas for keepin ght ekids entertianed while you’re waiting.

Travel accessories

Make the long flight just a little comfier and buy the extras for your stay in the States.