Disney DVDs

The Princess and the Frog

As one of the newer films, you won’t find an attraction based around it as yet, but Princess Tiana is already a firm favourite and so you will find her and her fella in the princess meet and greets and in the parades.

Beauty and the Beast

If the kids haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast I would definitely recommend showing it to them before you visit Walt Disney World. There is a really great stage show at Hollywood Studios that tells the story with all the songs. Belle also has her story time, in the Enchanted Garden at Magic Kingdom, where she chooses kids from the audience to help re-tell her story. You’ll also find Belle in several character meals (she’s a clever girl) and both her and the Beast will feature in some of the parades. The new Fantasyland expansion project, to be opened in 2012 and 2013 will also heavily feature them with a ‘Be our Guest’ restaurant within Beast’s castle.

Toy Story Box Set

Toy Story heavily features around Walt Disney World. Two of my favourite rides are ased on the film; Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, where you use lazer guns to shoot at targets to help Buzz beat Evil Emperor Zurg in Magic Kingdom, and Toy Story Mania, where you move through a series of arcade style games to get a top score, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You can see them in the new Pixar Pals parade at Hollywood Studios as well as at meet and greets around the parks.

Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is a very funny, family friendly comedy show at Magic Kingdom. It uses characters from the film throughout and is based after the end of the film – i.e. they need to generate electricity by making us laugh. Mike and co can also be seen in the Pixar Pals parade at Hollywood Studios.

Finding Nemo

The Story of Finding Nemo is told at Animal Kingdom in Finding Nemo – the Musical. You can follow the story even if you haven’t seen the film, but I would still recommend having seen it first. And I bet you come away humming ‘Big Blue World’. Turtle Talk with Crush is an interactive ride at Epcot that uses digital puppetry to enable you to converse with Crush, from the film. This is found within a pavilion called ‘The Seas with Nemo and Friends’ which includes a ride of the same name and an aquarium.

A Bug’s Life

Under the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom is ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug’. This is a really great 4D show where Flik, from the film, introduces you to a range of bugs and shows you some of their defences. It’s not scary as the characters are from the film or in that theme, but it does feature Hopper, the baddy from the film, and little kids might benefit from having seen the film first to understand that Flik can defeat him!


Ahh, you can’t go to Walt Disney World without having seen Cinderella first! Her Castle is the fairly tale castle in the centre of Magic Kingdom and her Prince owns the carousel. She features in many of the parades and character meals, including one of the most sought after meals, Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Castle in Magic Kingdom.


The Dumbo ride is one of the most popular in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. It’s queues are also the longest thanks to it being one of the slowest loading rides. Definitely not one you have to have seen the film first for, but that no reason not to see it as its a really lovely film.

Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs

Snow White’s Scary Adventure is one of the longest running rides in Walt Disney World, found in Fantasyland. However, it is not to be for much longer as it will be closed in 2011 to make way for a Severn Dwarfs Mine Train ride in the new expansion, so if you’re going soon, make the most if it. A quick warning though, the ride heavily features the Queen and it is a bit scary for little ones. You can also usually meet Snow White at her Wishing Well in Germany in Epcot, as well as at character meals and in some of the parades.


I am in the minority in that I’m not a Tinkerbell fan and I haven’t seen the film. But both Tinkerbell and her fairy friends can now be seen regularly in the parks and parades. And remember to look up and catch her flight at the beginning of Wishes.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a classic and Peter Pan’s Flight ride in Fantasy Land will make much more sense if the kids have seen the film! You’ll also see Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Smee in some of the parades and at meet and greets around the parks.

The Lion King

The Festival of the Lion King is a really great show, based on the film, in Animal Kingdom. It features performers singing all the classic songs, with Simba joining in to. Having seen the film and heard the music is a definite advantage when seeing the show. You can sometimes spot the characters in the parks too, especially at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.