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BritMick is aimed at the UK visitor to Walt Disney World. Unlike most sites we don’t feature Orlando or the other parks – we are all about helping you make the most of your trip to Disney – whether that’s your entire trip, or just part of it. There is sooo much to do and you can go to Walt Disney World with no preparation and have a fantastic time. But there are so many hints and tips to share that can ensure you have the best holiday ever – or make it magical for someone else on your trip. So that’s what this site aims to do – share some of our knowledge so you can get the best out of Walt Disney World. I’m by no means a true expert – some of the blogs I read are written by people who have spent decades devoted to the World and its history – they’re in a class of their own. But I think I know enough to be able to pass on some helpful details to those that are discovering Walt Disney World for the first time.

The vast majority of the information will of course apply to everyone who cares to read it – the non-Brits and the UK-ers who are only visiting for a day or so.  There are some differences that apply to the British – and I’m not just talking about us going away for a “fortnight”. I mean details such as:

  • There are park tickets specifically geared to the UK
  • The typical US holiday is shorter, meaning most information you read on the net applies to a shorter break – e.g. the maximum amount of park tickets you can get in the US is for ten days
  • With 14 nights away, there is time to go shopping, see other parks, and take it slower
  • We get different deals and and at different times to the US guests

I hope I can identify the differences here, as well as provide information on what you should know before you book or take your trip.


Well the most important thing you should know about me is that I’m a Walt Disney World fanatic. I honestly believe it is the most magical place in the world and a lot of my spare time is spent thinking about what we’ll do next time we go and reading the latest news via twitter and blogs etc. But Walt Disney World is pretty much where my fascination ends.   I’m not obsessed with all things Disney – I don’t own any of the DVDs, I don’t have the Disney Channel and nearly every piece of Disney merchandise I own is a reminder of an amazing holiday, as opposed to an obsession with the brand. Having said that, we did name our dogs Chip and Dale – but I still claim that is due to the lack of great boy-boy pairings rather than an obsessive nature (I refused Pinky and the Brain on the grounds that I’m not yelling ‘Brain’ out across the park of an evening’).

I’ve not been to the other Disney Parks , although I’d like to. I did go to Euro Disney when I was 8, but if I’m honest, it’s a very vague memory now and it was well before my appreciation of the Disney Theme Parks started. Disneyland Paris is the obvious choice to visit, being the closest,  but my husband refuses to go – he says it wont be as good and I tend to agree. For one I can’t imagine how the fun and the friendliness of the WDW cast member could ever translate to the French! And the cost for a long weekend, including transport is about a third of the cost for a fortnight in Florida so we find it hard to justify, in terms of value. But I’m open to the others. And yet every time, it’s Walt Disney World in Florida that we’re drawn back to.

Other facts about me – that I hope will help you see from where I bring my point of view, not just out of narcissistic pleasure : I’m in my late twenties. I first visited WDW when I was 15 with my mum. I met my hubby when I was 18 and married him when I was 24 and my husband’s first visit to Disney World was on our honeymoon – there’s trust for you! I don’t have kids (yes, I go to WDW for fun, without children). Other important people in my life are my Mum, my dogs and my extended family and friends.  I consider myself pretty lucky – my husband and I both have good jobs (nothing to do with Disney I might add), a lovely home, family who love us and two excitable scoundrels in Chip and Dale who keep us entertained on a daily basis. And the rest, as they say,  is just gravy.