Q&A: Fair-skinned in Orlando advice

Question: We are thinking of going in February, I have an 11 year old and 7 year old daughter both fair skinned like myself what are your thoughts?

Answer: I’m joining you and your kids in the fair-skinned tribe, so I understand the risks of being outside so much in the sun. However, you’ve picked a great time to go, weather wise (and crowd wise actually), so you won’t need to worry about it too much. February in Orlando will be pleasantly warm (you’ll still make your friends here in the UK jealous) but it is well before the intense heat and humidity that Florida is known for kicks in, so it will be a lot more bearable than it can be in the summer months. It will however still be sunny and warm, so just do the normal things that you would in the summer here – keep the kids (and you) covered in lotion, wear a hat (perhaps an almost obligatory Mickey ear hat) and stay hydrated.

On that last point, I have two tips for you. Around all the parks, you’ll find water fountains that you can use for free. A lot of people aren’t that keen on the taste of the Florida water, but last trip we took a Bobble water bottle with us – you just top it up from the fountain and it filters the water as you drink. It made it taste a lot better! And an even better tip is that while you’re in the Disney parks, you can get iced filtered water for free – just ask at any of the counter service restaurants around and they’ll give you cups of iced water with no charge – and as they’ve been through the filter system, it will also taste nicer. And there is always plenty of ice cream around to cool you all down :)


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