Starring Rolls

Starring Rolls, located on the corner of Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is probably one of my favourite quick service restaurants at Disney World, for a whole variety of reasons:

  1. I love the name – I’m always one for a pun – located in the film themed park, it is Starring Rolls/Roles – like a sandwich or like a acting part geddit? Chuckle! (and yes I’m well aware I didn’t need to explain that!)
  2. While many quick service restaurants in the theme parks don’t serve burgers, very few just sell a good old fashioned sandwich, which after a few days of fast food is usually what I’m craving.
  3. In my opinion, Hollywood Studios is a little lacking in decent quick service locations – which makes Starring Rolls stand out even more and it is almost always our choice for lunch while we’re here.

So first, the negative. My main criticism of the place is the layout and seating. The cafe is very small, with no seating inside and two doors to enter/leave out of. You order at the desk and are handed your purchases from behind the counter, which you then take over to the checkout, where the line also splits into two, to pay. While that in itself isn’t unusual, there’s not enough room to swing a cat, let along form three different queues, while balancing your tray and dodging the strollers and kids. However, the biggest disappointment with Starring Rolls is that there is no indoor seating at all – it is all outside, in a courtyard with tables and large umbrellas, which you walk through to get into the cafe. Not only are you outside, in the very hot Orlando sunshine, correlating to the size of the cafe, there are also only a few tables - perhaps 10 or so – meaning it gets overcrowded and you sometimes have to compete for a seat. Despite all that, we still feel its the best place to eat at Hollywood Studios, especially given that many of the other counter service restaurants here also have outdoor seating.

While it is always the sandwiches that draw me into Starring Rolls, there is actually very little choice on the menu in this regard. Just two in fact – a black forest ham sandwich or a turkey focaccia. I do wish there was a bigger selection, but they do taste pretty good and they are HUGE! I don’t know anywhere in the UK that sells sarnies quite like these!

On our last trip, Hubby and I both had the ham and cheese sandwich. We both thought it was very tasty and the bread felt fresh. It had what felt like an entire pack of ham in it, but very little cheese.

As it was advertised as ham and cheese, I’d have rather they evened that up a little more. It was spread with mustard, which wasn’t too heavy but did give it a nice tang. It came with either a piece of fruit or chips (chips actually being crisps, don’t forget!) We picked apples – we always find there is a lack of fruit and veg around Disney so we take the opportunity when it is offered to us! As an alternative to sandwiches, Starring Rolls also sells pastries and sushi.

However, while I’m drawn in for the sandwiches, the best reason to go to Starring Rolls is the desserts! If you’re on the dining plan, the sandwich plus fruit or crisps counts as your entree and you can pick anything from their very wide range of cup-cakes, muffins, pastries and other puddings as your dessert option. Most of these are also snack options for a dining plan snack credit too. With the exception of Sunshine Seasons at Epcot, this is probably the best place to get of a variety of very yummy desserts for a quick service credit anywhere at Walt Disney World. I always leave feeling very full – and feel that I’ve got good value for my counter service credit.

In any pudding or sweet-based decision, my husband never fails to pick the chocolate option. With one exception – tiramisu. I have never known him to not order tiramisu where it is available and Starring Rolls was no exception to this. Unfortunately it did not live up to his expectations and he was so disappointed with it, he didn’t even finish it, which trust me, says a lot! His verdict was that it was far too creamy and that he couldn’t even taste either the coffee or amaretto, so generally a disappointment all round.

I, on the other hand, took advice from the Disney Food Blog and ordered the Chocolate Butter Finger Cupcake. Which I have to say, was one of my better choices.

The chocolate cake was very tasty and moist and in the centre, it was filled with soft, gooey chocolate! To be honest, that in itself would have made it one to have again, it was so yummy.

Split in two - Heaven in a muffin case!

But then on top was an entire pile of icing – or ‘marshmallow frosting’ which was not only huge – as big as the cake itself, but added to the cake by giving it a contrasting flavour, but without making it too sweet. This icing was then entirely covered in butter finger crumbs, which gave it a little crunch. Delicious. Heaven in a muffin case! I did feel a bit sick half way through, but like the trouper I am, I persevered and finished the lot! But trust me, you don’t want to be heading over to Tower of Terror or Rock and Roller Coaster after this cake!

Choice at Starring Rolls comes mainly in the form of dessert/pudding so if that isn’t your thing, odds are that this won’t make your list of top eateries. The food however is fresh and tasty and offers an nice alternative to other fast food around Disney. We recommend it and it is almost always our counter service restaurant of choice at Holly wood Studios.

  • Would we go there again? Yes
  • Would we do it twice on one trip? Well I say yes definitely, Hubby says yes but because there are few good alternatives in Hollywood Studios
  • My rating: 8/10
  • Hubby’s rating: 6/10 – I blame that tiramisu!




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  1. Diana 01. May, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    Look at that cupcake! That cupcake is definitely worth a stop!


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