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The Tangierine Café  is the quick service restaurant located in Morocco in World Showcase, in Epcot. I don’t know how, given the kind of food it sells, but for some reason we had always passed this restaurant by, so for our latest trip we decided that we were definitely going to give it a try. I should mention again that my husband grew up in Turkey – and while I would never presume to say that the food in the two countries is the same, the food sold in Tangierine Cafe is quite similar to the kind he grew up with. Therefore we were entering the cafe with “expectations”!

The menu looks really tasty and it was difficult to choose which to have. The options are:

  • ShawarmaPlatters – either chicken, lamb or chicken and lamb – served with side of hummus, tabouleh and a Tangierine couscous salad with fresh Moroccan bread
  • Specialty Wraps – either chicken, lamb or falafel – served with Tangierine couscous salad and lentil salad
  • Moroccan Kefta Sandwich – Ground beef, grilled and served with fresh salsa and fries
  • Vegetable Platter – Falafel, tangierine couscous salad, hummus, tabouleh, lentil salad and marinated olives
  • Mediterranean Sliders Combo – three Pita pockets – lamb, chicken and falafel, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and tahini Sauce. Served with lentils, hummus and tabouleh

When you go in, you order at the start of the counter and move along it, as your dish is made up in front of you, until you reach the end of the counter where you receive your dish and pay. I like how fresh it all seemed – the fact that it is scooped and plated in front of you is a nice touch and makes it seem less fast-foody. My biggest criticism is that there is no mention of the dining plan or desserts. They’re not on the menu at all. We assumed that maybe they just didn’t offer them and because we wanted the main meal, we were prepared to forgo them. However when we got to the till, we were also given a piece of baklava each – so there was no dessert option but you do get one – this isn’t made clear at all. What you get if you have a nut allergy or something, I’m not sure. This being Disney I’m sure they do accommodate, but the alternative doesn’t seem to be made an option to most. Along these lines, it would have also been nice if there was a non-alcoholic authentic drink included in the dining plan. They sold Sangria, Moroccan wine and coffees but a soft drink would have added to the experience, we thought. Hubby suggested Ayran, which is yogurt, salt and water and sounds bloody horrible to me, but I do get his point that something other than your usual Coke etc would have been a nice addition to the menu.

Typically, hubby and I both wanted the same thing so I’m afraid we’ve only got the one thing to review – the Mediterranean Sliders. I liked these a lot, my hubby thought they were just ok. You get three mini-pittas, each filled with either lamb, chicken or falafel. My problem with them were that they were all quite wet – due to ‘seepage’ from one of them. In my experience, that is quite common with this kind of food, but it makes it messy to eat. The chicken one was my favourite – the chicken was really moist and tender. We did think though that the meat in general was too thick – it made it more like a burger as opposed to slices of meat, which would have been nicer (and more authentic possibly?). The accompaniments were also really good. The hummus was really tasty, and as a rule I’m not much of a fan – I can take it or leave it, but it was really good with a nice smooth consistency. Hubby said it needed more garlic, but to get it as garlic-y as he likes it makes it pretty much inedible for anyone else, so in this instance, I’d ignore him! :) The salad it came with was also really good, with a lemon tang to it. Very yummy.

And on to the Baklava. Two things before I start: 1. Hubby is extremely particular (read fussy) about his baklava (see my Kat Kora review for further evidence!) and 2. I hate pistachios as a rule, so I don’t usually even like the stuff. For those that don’t know, baklava is a Turkish (or other Ottoman empire countries) pastry that consist of layer of chopped pistachio nuts, thin pastry and honey or syrup. The know-it-all’s expert’s opinion was that it shouldn’t have been served in one large triangle shaped piece – it should have been chopped into two smaller pieces. More importantly, he thought the pastry was too thick, as was the filling. It came with a thick middle filling and then layers of pastry on the outside. Instead these should really have been layered up more. Although he also said that this sometimes happens when the layers get stuck together if the dish isn’t totally fresh. He also said that you shouldn;t be able to see the syrup and that it needed more pistachio. My only response to all that was that the latter was probably true because I hate pistachio and yet I thought the baklava was really good. Very sweet, but really tasty. Given that I’m not a fan of baklava as a rule, the fact that I thought it was yummy I personally think is a better judge than all of the above! :)  I was going to say maybe a little sweet but it didn’t stop me polishing off the second half of hubby’s!

All in all, I had a good quick service meal that was really quite different from anything else you can get on Disney property. I think I was happier with it than hubby because of those expectations I mentioned at the start. But if you’re looking for some varied cuisine on your holiday, I’d personally recommend giving Tangierine Cafe a go.

  • Would we go there again? Yes
  • Would we do it twice on one trip? No – but only because Epcot offers some other really good quick service restaurants too.
  • My rating: 7/10
  • Hubby’s rating: 6/10

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  1. Diana 04. Nov, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    I do like this restaurant. We are not experts on Moroccan food but we always do get one meal from here every time we go. We’ve never had the sliders, we usually go the ShawarmaPlatters route. Pretty tasty.


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