Yak and Yeti Quick Service Review

The Anandapur Local Food Cafe is known by most as  the Yak and Yeti and is a quick service restaurant located in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – not to be confused with Anandapur Yak and Yeti Restaurant which is the table service restaurant attached to it. It serves Asian cuisine and is, in our opinion, one of the best quick service options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I’ll say from the start that this review is severely lacking in photos - I kept forgetting to take any and I have a new found respect for food bloggers who do so instead of just diving straight into their yummy looking meals!

The ‘Asian cuisine’ is what we in the UK would usually associate as typical Chinese takeaway type food. Last trip I opted for the sweet and sour tempura chicken. It’s what you would typically expect from sweet and sour chicken – nice flavour, plenty of sauce. It’s yummy and not too sweet, which is really the only way it could really go wrong. My hubby had the orange beef – which I obviously had to sample for research reasons :) This too was good – nice and tangy. I find that beef in these kind of dishes can often be rubbery and way too chewy but it is cooked well and even tastes like beef – always a plus! Both dishes contained a good amount of meat as well as plenty of vegetables. We often find vegetables a little lacking around Disney, so even though they’re fried and covered in sauce, it was good to have them here.

The food is served in cardboard cartons – the square kind that you eat directly out of. I love it cause it is just like you see in the films! (For any US readers, our Chinese takeaways don’t get served like this usually – the come in plastic or foil tubs, designed to be emptied out.) The one thing that I would say about this is that they should probably make it clearer to international guests that it is served like this, with rice at the bottom. In the UK, if we’re having rice, we order it separately. I don’t know if it is just Disney or if its typical of a Chinese takeaway in the US, but this was served with rice and the bottom of the tub and the dish on top. I realised this and ate the two together. My hubby didn’t and ate nearly all his orange beef before he realised the rice was under it, leaving the last part of his meal to be dry fried rice.

Pudding is a choice of either frozen lemonade or chocolate cake. The cake is the chocolate cake you get at almost all quick service restaurants. I like it – moist chocolate cake with a thick chocolate icing. The frozen lemonade is Nestle and really refreshing and is what it says on the tin – its like lemon sorbet. It manages to stay just about frozen during the time it takes to eat your main meal. It is far too big though – the carton says that it serves 3 – why they offer this as one person dessert I don’t know – I’ve certainly never managed to finish one. But at $3.59, that does make it good value dessert for sharing.

Entrees here are between $9 and $11 which is a little on the pricey side for a quick service meal, even at Disney, although that does include the accompanying side dish. That makes it an excellent choice for getting optimum value for your Disney Dining Plan quick service credit though.

The biggest problem with Yak and Yeti is that it is outdoors – in Animal Kingdom – the park that is generally known for being the hottest of the Disney theme parks. The seating is in a courtyard type area next to the counter, with a water feature in the centre. There are a few tables in the shade but they tend to be quite coveted and not that cool anyway. Our other fave spot at Animal Kingdom is Flame Tree Barbecue and that is also outside, therefore it doesn’t put us off eating at there – but I’d still change it if I could.

My two other complaints are things that can’t be helped. One, it gets very busy meaning it can be hard to find a seat – but then so does everywhere else. Two, no straws – as with every where else in Animal Kingdom, straws are not allowed for the sake of the animals. Good sentiment and absolutely the right thing to do - but doesn’t make me miss straws any less when the drinks are so cold. We’ve had cardboard straws there in the past – perhaps they were just trialling them as we didn’t get them last trip – but they tasted nasty anyway.

All in all the Yak and Yeti offers good quality food that is a bit different from the typical quick service meal. It is one of our favourite options at Animal Kingdom and we always make sure we eat there at least once on our trip.

  • Would we go there again? Yes
  • Would we do it twice on one trip? Yes
  • My rating: 8/10
  • Hubby’s rating: 6/10


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