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Hi, We are taking 2 of our granddaughters to Disney World in August. They haven’t been before and don’t know that they are going. They are aged 6 and 7 and we would like to book the BBB for them. We are thinking about going for broke and booking the big package for them. I understand that they get to choose from 3 hairstyles, make up etc, but do they get to choose absolutely whatever costume they want, or do you choose what princess they want to be, size etc and they bring them a costume? Would really appreciate any help with this as if they don’t get to choose their own and accessories, we think we might rather take them to Downtown Disney and buy them a costume each before hand and then go for the middle package, Many thanks.


Ahh you have two very lucky granddaughters -  a surprise trip to Disney and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! I’m sure you will all have an amazing time.

To be 100% honest with you, as I’ve not got kids, I’ve not tried BBB myself (although I’d love to have the excuse!) so I can’t give you my personal experience, only tell you how I understand it works. After you check in you’re given a brochure that details all the options, e.g. what hair styles to choose from etc. Once the girls names are called a Fairy Godmother in Training will come and help them pick out dresses and accessories. They should be able to see all the options in terms of the princesses and which dresses to chose and the corresponding accessories and the Fairy Godmother in training will make it clear what their options are – and they certainly make all the choices themselves then and there.  The cost will depend on which dress they chose – the ‘deluxe’ dresses cost more on top of the basic Castle price and there are also additional accessories that you can chose to buy. They will make this clear for you. In the Magic Kingdom BBB, the options are displayed on the wall in the waiting area. In Downtown Disney, they’re in a location inside the boutique. However, I have read recent reviews of BBB at Downtown Disney where they were asked what princess they wanted to be without seeing the dresses, which as you suggest, is a much poorer experience – I imagine this occurs when they’re busy. If this was me, at this point I would simply ask if they could see the costumes before they chose – it certainly used to be the case and it shouldn’t be a problem for you to do that.

Having said all that, I know it is very common to either take a dress with you from home (if you want to save some money) or to buy a dress in the parks and wear it to the appointment. Castle Couture, which is just opposite Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland has a wide choice of princess clothing and accessories. You might find that they have a wider choice here and they could mix and match between costumes and accessories if they wanted to. They would certainly get more options if you were to do that (Cinderella’s shoes but Belle’s gloves or Jasmine’s shoes for example) – as well as giving them a little extra time to browse and make their very important decisions! Similarly, as you suggested, World of Disney at Downtown Disney will have lots of options in their Princess Room if you’re going to that BBB location instead. If you do decide to go with your plan of doing the Crown package and purchasing the rest separately, they certainly won’t be the only ones.

If it is any help, if it were me and I was going to buy a dress and accessories there, rather than take it with me, and cost wasn’t the issue, I’d probably do it as part of the BBB experience, even if it gave them less options – doing it all in one go makes the experience more special than buying it in a shop like any other souvenir, I think. However if you think the biggest pleasure for them will be picking out what they want, then I would go with buying the costume separately.

A few extra tips for you:

  1. Book soon. BBB gets busy and books up well in advance, so once you’ve decided I would recommend giving them a bell on 001-407-939-7895 (407-WDW-STYLE) to make your reservations.
  2. If you’re having a special meal at any point, it is lovely to book BBB for the same day so the girls are all glammed up for their treat, especially if it is one of the character meals such as Cinderella’s Royal Table.
  3. Alternatively (or as well as) I’d suggest making the reservation as early in the day as possible. The cast members all over the parks make a big deal when they see them – and the longer they can be treated like princesses the better. And don’t worry about it slipping throughout the day – those hair styles are put up to stay!
  4. The hairstyles are pulled really tight, which I know hurts some kids. If they have a problem with this, make sure you mention it to their Godmother in Training. Also, think about the shoes when you’re guiding them to make their decisions – some are more practical than others for a day in the park, I believe.

I hope this helps a little!



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