Quick Links to help plan your Walt Disney World Holiday

The plans for your holiday to Walt Disney World can be as detailed or rough as you like. However, there is no need for the actual planning itself to be any more complicated than it needs to be. Below is a list of direct links and instructions to help with that planning:

1. Research your holiday – in advance of booking your main research is going to be hotels - the link here is to the hotel information found on BRiTMiCK. The site also includes information on dining, transport and tickets for Disney and other Orlando attractions.

2. Purchase a guide book. There are lots of different travel guides out there about Walt Disney World and while you can get the info from various website, many like to have a guidebook that they can take with them and continue to use while you’re there. I’ve listed quite a few on the BRiTMiCK Travel Guide page, if you want to see a range of what is available. However if I had to recommend just one it would have to be the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World – you won’t find a better book for your holiday!

3. Price up or book your holiday – this links you to the Walt Disney World Travel Company – where you can book your hotel, buy your tickets or purchase a complete flight-inclusive holiday. The good thing about using this site is that it automatically takes in any offers that are currently available – so you know you’re getting the best price currently available for your Disney World holiday. I find that booking directly with Disney also makes it easier for them to find your reservation when you’re booking other things later on, such as dining or tours. They offer Walt Disney World Resort hotels, non-Disney hotels and villas.

4. Research your dining options – the Disney Food Blog is one of the best Disney dining resources out there – as well as menus, descriptions and  reviews of all the restaurants and snacks they have also recently launched a really great restaurant search tool. This tool allows you to apply lots of different filters, such as location, whether it is on the dining plans, price level, type of cuisine etc. thereby enabling you to find the perfect restaurant to fit into your plans for your trip. Want a table service restaurant, on the dining plan for your day in Animal Kingdom? This tool identifies that Tusker House or Yak and Yeti are your options. Staying at the Polynesian? The tool can show you all your on-site dining options. Disney Food Blog also have an e-book available for purchase that includes extra hints and tips, which I’ve heard is excellent.

5. Book your dining – this is a direct link to Disney’s online reservation system. You can book your dining 180 days in advance. If you are staying at a Disney resort, you can book 180 days in advance of your first night, plus for the next ten nights. To do this online, you’ll need your holiday reservation number – however you need the American reservation number, not the British one, so phone Disney dining or your travel company in advance and ask them for this so that you can access this extra perk. If you’re booking less than 180 days in advance, you don’t need this.

6. Plan your days – in order to do this you’ll need to access the park calenders, so you can find out when the extra magic hours are (either to attend or avoid) and when the shows and parades that you want to see are on. Disney make this information available 6 months ahead of time but make finding this information unnecessarily complicated, in my opinion, so I’m going to put the direct links and instructions on how to find them. For each park, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, you need to navigate to the individual park, via the ‘Parks’ tab at the top. Then select the ‘Calender’ tab and from there the correct month. You then need to click on each day individually to access the schedule of parades and shows for that day. You can click through to the next and previous days, from there. Alternatively you can look out the general park hours, i.e. opening and closing times, a little more concisely.

7. Three other really great resources are:

  • Allears.net for pretty much everything. I don’t think there’s a Walt Disney World related subject that this site doesn’t cover!
  • Walt Disney World Moms Panel – this is a Disney owned site where you can submit a question to the panel and have them answer it. Great if you have something specific to ask, or want to browse other questions. The panel members are mainly Moms and Dads with a passion for Disney, but there’s even a British Mum on the panel!
  • WDW Fan Zone – a new site with a wide range of writers that will provide you with a broad background and keep you excited while you wait for your holiday to start

8. And finally… feel free to ask me a question directly!

BRiTMiCK is a blog aimed at British visitors to Walt Disney World, helping you to make the most of your holiday. Follow @Britmickuk for the latest on whats going on at BRiTMiCK and other Disney sites.

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  1. Nicola 05. Jul, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    you missed the best uk based disney resource – thedibb.co.uk


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