A Disney Royal Wedding

I’m sure I won’t be the only one, but I couldn’t write a blog post today without it featuring the big event occurring in my own country – the Royal Wedding. I know not everyone in the UK agrees (some are more interested in the fact that we get a day off work) but I think that we are pretty lucky in this country not to have to solely rely on Disney for our ideas of a princess or a royal wedding – we have the real thing! And I think there’s a little bit of many of the Disney princesses’ stories in the real-life story too:

Cinderella, you shall go to the ball!

I think one of the reason’s many people like the idea of Prince William and Kate is because she’s an ‘ordinary’ girl with a fairly ordinary background. It is the Disney fairy story that we all know and love – everyday girl grows up, falls in love with a prince, gets married and lives happy ever after. In reality, Kate Middleton is far from Cinderella – she grew up in Bucklebury in Berkshire, which is a rich part of the UK and she attended a private-education school, so it is not quite rags to riches. I once heard her described as a ‘commoner’ and trust me, no ‘commoner’ in the UK talks with the posh BBC accent that she has. Having said that, she is one of many girls with that sort of background in the UK.  And so while you can pick holes in the story, you can still describe her as that everyday girl who grew up to marry a prince – the ultimate Disney fairy story – and it makes this real life wedding just that extra bit special.

A Whole New World

In Aladdin, the Sultan originally insists that Jasmine should marry a royal but changes the law when he sees that she loves Aladdin. While there’s not been any changes to the law, Kate, like Aladdin, is far from being a royal and far from having been born a princess – she’s not distantly related to any of the Royals around the world and there is no Lord or Lady already in her family. I don’t know how rare that is in terms of royal marriages, but it must be first in terms of the spouse to the second-in-line to the throne. Even Princess Diana was Lady Diana Spencer originally.

Part of your world

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel is obsessed with the human world and would give anything to be part of it, including numerous sacrifices. I’m not suggesting that Kate Middleton is obsessed with the Royals, nor do I think she is gambling her soul like Ariel did, but you would have to be a certain type of person to be want to part of the Royal family and that world. She wasn’t born into it and therefore has made the decision to sacrifice her privacy and submit to a very particular way of life. I definitely wouldn’t want to be part of that world!

The name change

In Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora is re-named Briar Rose to help protect her identity as she grows up. Kate Middleton she was born ‘Catherine’ and it appears to be this that she now has to be called. All the latest references from Clarence House and William himself have referred to her as Catherine, even when only in passing. To the public, in the past she’s only been referred to as Kate. If you read about it, it seems the current suggestion is that she has never been anything but Catherine to her friends and family – and it was the press that christened her ‘Kate’. I have no idea which the truth is – either way, as she doesn’t need the kind of protection Princess Aurora needed, it seems a shame she can’t just go by whichever name she actually wants and leave it at that!

Snow white

Nope, I can’t see Kate Middleton being adopted by 7 dwarfs because she can cook and clean beautifully either! Think I’ll skip this one… :)

Tale as old as Time

Ahh, it is corny, but you do get the feeling that they’re in love, don’t you? And who doesn’t love a happy couple getting married. I almost feel a little sorry for them. They have to act with decorum when seen in public – wouldn’t you hate not to give your fiance a kiss when you wanted to, or just grab their hand? But I’m sure any public display of affection is all very well planned in advance. But when you do get a glimpse of affection between them, they certainly seem in love. The more relaxed of the official engagement photographs, where he is hugging her is really lovely.

We all love a fairy story, be it Disney or the real life one happening today. I hope they get their happy ever after!

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  1. MiniMage 12. May, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    I think of this more as Beauty and the Beast. I’m not calling the prince a beast, but in the fairy tale, Beauty was written as a wealthy merchant’s daughter.


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